BFGoodrich Performance Advantage T/A


BFGoodrich Performance Advantage T/A



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Performance Category: Grand Touring All-Season

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  • 6,105,202 Total Miles Reported

  • 15 out of 44 in Grand Touring All-Season Tires

  • 85% vs. best in Grand Touring All-Season Tires

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    2003 Dodge Grand Caravan SE


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      Mostly Highway

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    July 17, 2017

    The first time it slipped was in very rainy conditions, so I thought maybe I'd hit a puddle, even though I was pretty sure I hadn't. The next time it rained, someone pulled right in front of me without warning/no blinkers & as I went to change lanes (no fast swerving, I put on my blinker & just went for a lane change at only 50 mph), the tires lost it, & I actually slid sideways before I could recover. Just 7 miles down the road the same night, while it had almost stopped raining there was still a little water on the road, & I lost traction again. 

    If the road isn't totally clear, (any snow pack at all) it is deadly slick. While going well under-speed for the weather conditions & being cautious, there was an uncleared area of LESS THAN 3 inches of snow, & the van immediately lost all traction, & we went in the ditch. My husband had dismissed all of my complaints because they were NEW tires, up until he saw me spin out for NO reason right in front of him. He tried to take it just 4 blocks away to the gas station after a light snow. He returned & immediately said we're going to have to replace them, as he had no traction multiple times, & cornering on ANY amount of snow/ice is a total joke. Now he leaves me with the other vehicle whenever it rains or snows in the winter, because he doesn't want me driving it anywhere with the kids, & we can't afford to replace them right now. 
    This spring my daughter and I were on a trip, 55 mph, very short gentle rain shower, & it lost contact with the road, AGAIN. Use/miles driven of over a year had not changed how it drives or it's lack of traction in wet conditions.


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